Our Goal

Make web text so easy we understand it the first time we read it.

What We Do

  • We teach AI to make text easy to understand.
  • We do all we can to teach AI to be fair to all.

How We Do It

Readable.com Readability Rating A

  • Use plain-language rules for AI to write easy text.
  • Test if people understand easy text more than typical text.
  • Include self-advocates and autistics as expert testers.

Who We Serve

  • people with learning disabilities;
  • people who can’t read well;
  • people who speak other languages; and
  • really, everyone!

Who Is Doing It

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Who Is Funding Us

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

Who Has Funded Us


 Amazon Machine Learning Research Awards

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Commonwealth Medicine

Where We Are

EasyText.AI is a Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives Company

EasyText.AI, 60 Prescott Street, Worcester, MA 01605